American Homestay Services (AHS)

Welcome to American Homestay Services!

American Homestay Services is an educational service management organization. Our mission is to provide homestay support services to students, natural parents, host families  and schools.  We accomplish this by managing a large network of host families through our home office and local coordinators and recruiting the best public and private schools in the country.  For the upcoming 2014-15 school year, AHS has been granted CSIET certification.

AHS main office is located in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is currently operating and compliant with all international educational program requirements.  In the near future, AHS will be obtaining CSIET accreditation for the upcoming 2014-15 school year to help strengthen our national network for both private and public educational institutions. AHS also has an office in Beijing, China to help facilitate international students to achieve their educational goals in the United States.

AHS is the only homestay service provider that offers zero liability to schools and host families.  AHS accomplishes this by:

- AHS assumes legal guardianship for the international student for their duration in the United States while attending school.

- AHS local coordinators are recruited and trained to provide 24/7 support and guidance to all host families in his/her given territory.  These coordinators conduct a thorough monthly home visit to assist the host family and student.

- AHS provides mentoring, tutoring, and ESL classes for any international student enrolled in school and utilizing the homestay service.

- AHS manages all aspects of the homestay experience allowing different schools to focus on delivering the best quality of education and experiences to the student.

AHS acts as a bridge between students, students’ natural parents, the local coordinators, schools, and the host family.  This facilitation is ideal for any international student to experience the American education system and culture while supporting schools and host families.


Quick Guides:

Become a Host Family – When hosting an international student, you and your family will have the unique opportunity to learn about another culture while sharing American values and traditions.   Host families are generously compensated through AHS for donating their home and time to help support students.

Schools – Private or Public High School - International students offer rich cultural diversity, as well as increased enrollment.   AHS helps you to maximize benefits of international exchange, while minimizing the  risks by managing custodial responsibility of international students.

Students – If you are in your home country awaiting first-time placement or if you are already in the United States and would like to transfer schools or host family, we are able to help you.

Parents – We provide exemplary services for your child/children where they are safely immersed in the American education system.

Public and Private Education Institutions and Agencies - We believe in collaboration between our organization and yours!  Please drop us an email and start a long lasting working relationship with AHS without the risk of exclusivity.

Become a Host Family Coordinator - An important and rewarding role!  This part-time commitment will allow you to interact with international students without hosting them in your home.  Apply today to help students, host families, schools, and parents.